Just between
SMEs and Tech

Web Application, Mobile App, ERP, IT outsource, Startup IT develop


Marketing Solutions

Website Develop

Revamp, Landing page, CMS

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Mobile App Develop

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E-commerce Develop

Shopify, Magento, Custom

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We’re still growing to adapt diverse market demands, please be also let us know if you have requirement other than services above.

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Management Solutions

We provide both consultant and customize serivce

  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRMs)
  • Point of Sales (POS)
  • Supply-Chain Management (SCM)
  • Cloud Hosting
  • 3rd party software Integrate

Despite so much provider like above buzzing in the market, but you are just feel dazzled by them ?

You may either delegate us to do the job or customize solution/s for you.

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Startup Cooperation

Most startup moving to own their in-house develop team, but sometime enterpreneur couldn’t bear the pain for continuously invest in such property.

Please consult us, we keen to become diverse ICT’s services organization and cooperate with you more flexibility.

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Social Friendly

Beside achievement in wealth, we would also keen to collaborate with

Enterprise/organization in
Sustainable ecosystem, E-waste control, Urban farming, Food waste manage and those in solving real world issues.

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Remote Jobs

"Passion is burning when hobby turn into career, but sometime we just feel torture when rushing long way to the office, and feel tedious when work in same atmosphere every working day."

If you have same thought like above, and want a work-life balance job while still keep strive to be a high performer.

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We hiring: "Chief Business & Marketing Lead"

Interzone Technology was founded by a bunch of tech geek,
we need a talent in charge of marketing and business planning.


Actively collaborate with every tech related individual/organization in Malaysia, to undergoing revival of best connection between SMEs and ICT provider, and bypass unnecessary parties during the process.